Cutting-edge tech, cross-border art, Chinese Valentine's Day

ft: Barbie, CVD, Acne Studios, Acqua Di Parma, Shiseido, Pepsi, Sprite, Ganni, Taobao, Red, Douyin

Hello fellow marketing genius,

Here are the newest China marketing trends from the team at Resonance.

This month’s report includes: Barbie, CVD, Acne Studios, Acqua Di Parma, Shiseido, Pepsi, Sprite, Ganni, Taobao, Red, and Douyin.

    Barbie's timeless IP showcases the power of leveraging classic brand identity for impactful marketing

    Brands are enhancing relevance by integrating with Chinese holidays, demonstrating the importance of localized marketing strategies

    Acne Studios seamlessly blends traditional mediums with modern fashion marketing, highlighting the value of diverse marketing approaches

    Acqua Di Parma's cross-border art marketing exemplifies the potential of global strategies tailored with a touch of artistry

    Shiseido's adoption of cutting-edge technology trends in their IMC campaigns underscores the evolving digital landscape of the beauty industry

    Pepsi's innovative music marketing strategies resonate with GenZ, emphasizing the importance of aligning brand messaging with generational preferences

    Sprite's strategic use of trending hashtags for product launches showcases the power of timely online engagement

    Ganni's effective ESG marketing approach demonstrates the growing consumer desire for brands with sustainable and ethical commitments

    Taobao's 'The Night of Tao Bao' initiative underscores the potential of content marketing to stimulate economic activity and engagement

  • RED
    RED's strategic use of the Life Festival to amplify Citywalk highlights the power of event marketing in generating significant social conversations

    Douyin's success with the 'Chinese Ingredient' IP reveals the growing importance of authenticity and source tracing in beauty brand marketing

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