Asian Games and Fashion week, AR, VR, & AI in China

ft: Loewe, LV, Chanel, Max Mara, Prada, Lululemon, New Balance, Moutai and many more

This month’s Resonance Radar Report focuses on the the Asian Games, Fashion Week, and breakthrough brand activity.

We’ll cover the latest trends in fashion and sports marketing on major Chinese digital platforms: Red, Douyin, WeChat, China Mobile Migu, Kwai, Eleme, and Tmall. Brand case studies include: Loewe, LV, Mugler, Balmain, Yili, Chanel, Max Mara, Shake Shack, Prada, Lululemon, New Balance, and Moutai.

💙 Latest Trends in Sports Marketing
AR, VR, and AI propel Asian Games to sports marketing stardom, leveraging China's internet growth and a shift towards emotionally resonant humanistic content.

💙 Latest Trends in Fashion Marketing
The integration of celebrity collaborations, Key Opinion Leader marketing, inclusive community platforms like Red, and pioneering digital strategies by Tmall Luxury underscore the evolving landscape of Fashion Week marketing in China, emphasizing the vital role of local engagement, diverse communication assets, and strategic brand narrative amplification for luxury brands seeking both attention and consumer conversion.

💙 Louis Vuitton
LV's comprehensive localization strategy, epitomized by the "Hello Shanghai" pop-up, not only engages sophisticated Chinese luxury consumers but also serves as a distinctive bridge, seamlessly blending the brand's global identity with Shanghai's rich cultural tapestry.

💙 Chanel
Chanel's strategic alignment with Chinese film, featuring the SS 24 Resort Collection in Shenzhen, represents a notable luxury localization effort that harmonizes fashion aesthetics with the visual appeal of Chinese film posters, emphasizing the brand's adaptability and innovation.

💙 Max Mara
Max Mara's "Teddy Bear" 10th-anniversary celebration in Chengdu, featuring the City Roaming Bus, not only integrates offline grandeur, VR technology, and immersive experiences but also successfully bridges the gap between online and offline realms, setting a benchmark in localized fashion marketing.

💙 Loewe
Loewe and On's collaborative design fusion marries luxury footwear and Swiss ergonomics, crafting a co-branding campaign that not only conveys an elegant and athletic lifestyle but also explores innovative digital approaches in China, streamlining purchases through WeChat Mini Programs, collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and amplifying impact on social media.

💙 Prada
Prada's innovative ESG model seamlessly merges real-world initiatives with digital strategies, exemplified by the "Ocean & Climate Village" tour in Qingdao, a benchmark event in ESG marketing that engages participants through exhibitions, workshops, and dialogues while leveraging WeChat and brand ambassador Li Xian for impactful online reach.

💙 Lululemon
By tapping into young people's preferences and incorporating community engagement trends, Lululemon's street exhibition, launched on World Mental Health Day, not only redefines active lifestyle brand marketing but also establishes a fresh narrative through giant artistic installations, sweat-inducing classes, and a commitment to mind-body connection.

💙 New Balance
New Balance's strategic co-branding with girly fashion icons Miu Miu and Ganni successfully captivates the youth market by infusing sporty elements into fashion, creating trendy products that resonate with a younger demographic and spark conversations across social media, fashion blogs, and mainstream media platforms.

💙 Shake Shack
Shake Shack's success in China stems from its adept localization strategies, integrating local elements like "Mahjong" in Chengdu and "seaside" vibes in Sanya, transforming the global brand into a local favorite through meaningful interactions and a dynamic user-generated marketing ecosystem.

💙 Moutai
Moutai's innovative approach involves cross-border collaborations with Luckin Coffee and Dove, introducing "酱香Latte" and liqueur-filled chocolates to attract a younger consumer base, showcasing adaptability and market engagement while prompting concerns about potential dilution of its high-end liquor image.

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