Women's Day Campaign Trends | China

ft: Starbucks, Xiaomi, Hermes, Coach, Dior, Vans, Ikea and more

Radar Report #5 features insights into the 15 best Women's Day campaigns in China and the four marketing trends driving their success.

Brands covered: Starbucks, Xiaomi, Vans, Ikea, Neiwai, Hermes, Coach, Dior, L’Occitane, CDP, To Summer, Aesop, Purcotton, Red and Tmall.

Starbucks' Women's Day campaign featured a collaboration with rural female artists, resulting in new Cotton Cloud Lattes and artistic packaging, generating 40 million views on social media.

Celebrating the diversity of 100 Chinese women, Xiaomi's partnership with Southern People Weekly garnered 17 million views and sparked 20,000 conversations on Weibo.

Vans' "Dare to Challenge Her" campaign for Women's Day, merging digital artistry and footwear, reached 1M views and inspired interactive storytelling on Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and RED.

With over 750,000 WeChat views, IKEA promoted women's empowerment by revamping spaces in remote regions for educational and professional development, in collaboration with the Ant Financial Charity Forum.

The partnership between Ma Lingli and NEIWAI for "Her Place" exhibition garnered 200,000+ views, featuring a Weibo-shared short film and user-generated content.

Hermès’ animated comic campaign for Women’s Day, targeting Gen Z, surpassed 1.2 million views on RED and achieved 11 million views on Weibo.

The Coach brand celebrated International Women's Day with a powerful campaign featuring IMMMA and Wu Jinyan, racking up 50 million views and sparking 200,000 conversations on Weibo.

Dior's "Woman For Women" celebration, harnessing star power from Wang Ziyi and Lu Yu, achieved 28 million social media impressions.

A partnership between L'Occitane and BROMPTON focusing on green transportation and skincare advocacy resulted in 250,000 Weibo impressions.

Clé De Peau
The CPB x HONNA Golf lifestyle club, designed for female consumers, achieved substantial online engagement with more than 5 million social media views.

To Summer
To Summer's "Women's Study Room" event, promoting a city-exclusive perfume, generated over 1 million social media views and featured poetry readings and fragrance trials.

Celebrating women's literature, Aesop's event hosted at select stores and online, with hashtags and partnerships, reached an audience of nearly 2 million.

The "Nice For Her" initiative by Purcotton empowered girls with menstrual care through product deliveries, health education, and a short film, receiving 42 million launch video views and 820,000 WeChat interactions.

RED's "All Is Well" campaign for Women's Health Awareness garnered 600 million views, featuring hashtag movements, blogger discussions, and partnerships with 14 hospitals to create women-friendly clinics.

Tmall's health campaign for educating girls in remote areas, including a partnership with welfare organizations and a "Sister's Care Plan," reached over 25 million views and 100,000 interactions on Weibo.

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