Post-Pandemic travel trends: consumers, brands, platforms

ft: Australian Tourism, Visit Denmark, Fujian Tourism, Etihad Airways, Spring Airlines, Atour Hotels, Vivo

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This month’s report focuses on the travel industry, it includes: post-pandemic travel trends, innovative platform ideas from Douyin, Red, WeChat, Kwai, and case studies from Australian Tourism, Visit Denmark, Fujian Tourism, Etihad Airways, Spring Airlines, Atour Hotels, and Vivo.

  • Trend: “Miltary-Style” travel
    In the post-pandemic landscape, a new and highly efficient travel trend, known as "Military-Style" travel, has emerged, reshaping how young, budget-conscious travelers plan their journeys.

  • Trend: Micro Vacation
    In response to shifting travel preferences, the travel industry has witnessed the rise of "Micro Vacations," a trend that caters to urban professionals seeking personalized and diverse travel experiences closer to home.

  • Trend: Localization
    Amid the changing dynamics of the post-pandemic world, brands are reevaluating their strategies to foster genuine connections with consumers. The buzzword of the year in marketing, "Localization" (在地化), has emerged as a key element in this transformation.

  • Trend: Cross Industry
    In the dynamic landscape of the tourism industry, a new wave of tourism is emerging, marked by integration, inclusivity, and personalization. This transformative trend is reshaping the way travelers engage with diverse aspects of their journeys.

  • Brand: Australian Tourism
    The Australia Tourism Bureau has harnessed the enchanting magic of kangaroos to drive tourism in China, crafting a captivating narrative with the iconic Australian greeting "G'day" and featuring the beloved kangaroo as its ambassador.

  • Brand: VisitDenmark
    VisitDenmark's innovative use of AI and iconic paintings in tourism marketing has reshaped the industry. By positioning Denmark as an "off-the-beaten-path" destination and tapping into the viewpoints of famous paintings, they created a unique tourism campaign.

  • Brand: Fujian Tourism
    The Fujian Tourism Bureau's localized destination marketing strategy exemplifies the potency of localization and social media trends in captivating travelers.

  • Brand: Etihad Airways
    Etihad Airways embarked on a daring collaboration with Paramount Pictures, resulting in an exhilarating partnership that pushed the boundaries of airline marketing.

  • Brand: Spring Airlines
    Spring Airlines made a groundbreaking move in the Chinese civil aviation industry by introducing Aqiu, the first-ever second dimension IP character among domestic airlines. This innovative step aimed to forge a closer connection with young travelers, marking a significant leap in brand rejuvenation.

  • Brand: Atour Hotels
    Atour Hotel has taken a pioneering stance in the Chinese hotel industry by venturing into the metaverse. Through their collaboration with metaverse operation experts, they introduced "Atour Space," an online virtual experiential platform that offers multidimensional tours of their hotels.

  • Brand: Vivo
    Vivo's strategic co-branding venture with Guanxia blends technology and tradition to celebrate the cultural richness of the Minnan region. During the peak summer travel season, they infused local elements into their marketing content, creating a seamless tapestry of culture.

  • Platform: Douyin
    Douyin has revolutionized tourism marketing for enterprise accounts, exemplified by the transformative impact on Chang Long Resort. This platform has not only created a comprehensive tourism ecosystem but has also harnessed the power of Tourism Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), short videos, and e-commerce livestreaming, resulting in impressive sales growth for B2B tourism entities.

  • Platform: Kwai
    Kwai has become a game-changer in travel marketing through the creation of a travel-themed Intellectual Property (IP) known as "旅行奇遇记," which has amassed over one billion targeted impressions. This remarkable achievement showcases the significant advantages of using travel IP for content creation and commercial marketing.

  • Platform: Red
    Red has emerged as a catalyst for the evolving landscape of travel content marketing, particularly in the context of localized and cross-industry travel trends. With a strong focus on engaging its young user community, Red plays a pivotal role in popularizing these trends and connecting enterprises and brands with younger audiences.

  • Platform: WeChat Mini Program
    WeChat Mini Programs have become a pivotal force in the travel industry, boosting related sectors by offering a comprehensive platform for tourist services, leveraging advanced technologies, and fostering community engagement.

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