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ft. La Labo, Ganni, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Crocs, Athletic Greens, Tesla, Tmall, JD, Red, Kwai

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July trends and insights from: La Labo, Ganni, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Crocs, Athletic Greens, Tesla, Tmall, JD, Red and Kwai.

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The July 2023 report covers:

    How Le Labo Integrated Cultural Elements in their Mainland China Store Launch

    Creating Local Connections: How Ganni Utilized KOLs and Social Topics for Brand Influence

    Fusing Brand Spirit with Local Culture: How LV Leveraged Co-branding to Amplify Brand Awareness

    Fusing Tradition with Fashion: How Miu Miu Leveraged Localized Events for Brand Engagement

    Tuning into Youth Trends: How Crocs Utilized Popular Music for Brand Rejuvenation

    Health Meets Fitness: How Athletic Greens Leverages Local Fitness Platforms for Brand Awareness

    Harnessing Co-branding Power: Helena Rubinstein and Tesla's EDC Event Strategy Amplifies Brand Influence

    Strategic, Effective Use of Digital Infrastructure in the 618 Event

  • JD
    Revolutionizing E-commerce with AI: How JD Employed Intelligent Customer Service and AIGC for the 618 Event

  • RED
    Redefining E-commerce through Slow Live Stream: The Impact of KOS on RED's 618 Event

  • KWAI
    Summer Marketing IP: Transforming Traditional E-commerce Logic for the 618 Event

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